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The Straight Stairs offered by Bürkle are the most popular product manufactured in our factories, which, apart from high quality workmanship, also provides a good price.

These are plate stairs made in steel forms with variable geometry, enabling any adjustment of the height and width of the steps to the dimensions of the staircase. These stairs, thanks to the "on the side" pouring method, are characterized by very smooth surfaces of steps, risers, cheeks and bottoms of the stairs. Formed stair ends - so-called consoles - enable trouble-free seating of stairs between the ceiling and the landing plate. The use of proven elastomer pads perfectly suppresses and silences footsteps, significantly improving the acoustic comfort of building residents. Stairs are used mainly in multi-storey buildings as basic communication routes or as auxiliary stairways (evacuation, in the event of elevator failure etc.). Standard stairs can be covered with any cladding, e.g. ceramic, wooden or terrazzo type, or they can be protected by appropriate impregnation.

The stairs are complemented with landings made by our company together with the stairs.

It is also possible to make stairs with protruding reinforcement elements in order to connect them with the landing reinforcement and pour concrete at this location on site.


- quick installation of the entire staircase

- no need for costly, laborious formwork and stamping

- ready for use immediately after assembly

- good acoustic parameters due to the use of soundproofing pads

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  • Economy
  • Quick assembly
  • High quality
  • Immediate use possible
  • Safe statics
  • Various shapes
  • Production according to individual orders

From a mathematical point of view, a straight line is always the shortest connection between two points.

It sounds factual and this also applies to stairs. Thanks to the diverse formwork technique, we can make all types of stairs used in the form of one-way and multi-way stairs.

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