Other prefabricated elements and small architecture

Small architecture and other non-standard designs

Our clients often face a problem - the project includes a non-standard prefabricated element known as "small architecture", with shapes far from the typical prefabrication possibilities. Or the designers have an interesting, unusual idea for a spectacular bench, balustrade or e.g. a backlit vase and the problem is whether it can be reasonably prefabricated and will the finished prefabricate still please the eye with an elegant look? And who will do it?

The answer is simple: Bürkle will do it. Whether it is a bench with rounded planes, flowerpots for the needs of housing estate greenery, retaining walls in architectural concrete, balustrades, a monumental memorial or, finally, the roof of a pagoda, our company meets expectations.

Wherever individualisation, originality, non-standard forms or the need to produce a small number of copies are involved - look for a solution at Büerkle.

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