History of the Bürkle Group



Over the course of over 85 years, the Bürkle company has grown from a small craft factory to a group of 4 branches and 3 independent enterprises employing over 200 people.

It all started with an idea ...

Karl Bürkle - a construction master - developed a completely new method for producing "prefabricated ceilings" from concrete at that time, beginning in 1926 with their industrial production in Fellbach-Schmiden.

The advantages of these prefabricated elements, which soon became known as "Bürkle ceilings", quickly impressed the construction industry. These ceilings could be assembled "ready" by small brigades, thus greatly facilitating construction. Due to the constantly growing demand - undisturbed by the economic crisis of 1928-1933 - the plant was gradually expanding and increasing its range and production.

After the end of World War II, Karl Bürkle restarted the plant. In 1948, he wrote the company's history for the second time, developing the Bürkle Staircase - a product with which the Bürkle group enjoyed the greatest success; it was the source of the company's success.

Karl’s son - Albrecht Bürkle, noticed the huge potential inherent in prefabrication. He restructured the growing industrial plant. He developed distribution and pushed for continuous modernization of production. In this way A. Bürkle laid the foundations for a successful group of companies.

Currently, the Bürkle Group is managed by the third generation, in the persons of Hans-Peter, Jörg and Michael Bürkle. It was thanks to their commitment that Bürkle KG was founded in Meissen (Meissen) and then the first foreign company in the group structure - Bürkle Sp. z o.o. in Rakowice.

Years of activity on the prefabricated market and accumulated experience mean Bürkle are considered as reliable and competent specialists in professional circles in the field of prefabrication of stairs, balconies and other reinforced concrete elements.

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