Columbaria are cemetery buildings from Roman and early Christian times for storing urns containing the ashes of the dead. Bürkle columbaria are in the form of individual, self-positioning or any spatial arrangement of columns. Columbaria can also be made in the form of a one wall element comprising several columns (the so-called "wall").

In each column there may be one or several special niches (chambers) for urns containing the ashes of loved ones. The dimensions of the chambers are standardized; however, it is possible to adjust their dimensions as well as the dimensions and shapes of entire columns or "walls" in accordance with the concept of the architect/designer

The columbarium body is made as a prefabricated element in so-called architectural concrete in its natural colour; it can be further sanded or grained. It is also possible to make the body in coloured concretes, e.g. in anthracite, as well as with the use of other additions that meet the highest aesthetic requirements.

The whole is complemented by a decorative curtain plate made of stainless steel, marble or other suitable material covering access to the urn in the columbarium. The fastening of the cover plate is made in a way that ensures adequate security.


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