Beton-Aktiv-Decke (PL-EN)




Drawing on extensive experience in the creation of prefabricated elements, Bürkle has been supporting the requirements of modern construction for over 90 years thanks to a wide range of products and a variety of design and maintenance services.

With the Beton-Aktiv-Decke system, Bürkle continues to expand its product range.

Beton-Aktiv-Decke is an innovative ceiling and roof system that combines the functions of heating in winter or cooling in summer, an economical way of building, the highest energy efficiency and comfort of use. Beton-Aktiv-Decke is a futuristic heating and cooling system without radiators and air conditioners, without underfloor heating – working efficiently and for "ages" - preferably in combination with heat pumps. Beton-Aktiv-Decke means building creatively and saving energy.

More details on www.beton-aktiv-decke.de


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