In modern construction, balconies are one of the most distinctive elements affecting the charm and original appearance of the building. Their architecture and method of implementation can and should determine the aesthetics of the entire building but also, and maybe above all, offer residents additional space for pleasant relaxation and rest.

That is why Bürkle balconies meet this trend and are a response to the expectations of architects and investors who want to emphasize the beauty of the building through the properly formed block of balconies and provide future residents with additional comfort.

Bürkle balconies are made in so-called architectural concretes, in the form of simple sloping slabs, through slabs with flange and internal rainwater collection and drainage system, to architecturally sophisticated balconies with full or partial reinforced concrete balustrades often combined on site with additional stainless steel or glass elements.

A common feature of Bürkle balconies is the way they are made - it allows you to skip expensive insulation work, additional screed, cladding and flashings as well as future costs associated with the inevitable repairs of falling tiles, plaster or moisture penetration.

The combination of the latest technical solutions (e.g. thermal insulation fasteners, etc.) and the quality of Bürkle workmanship mean that our balconies require at most to be painted in the designed colour, although in many cases investors leave them in the natural colour of the concrete.

Balconies, as well as our other products, are made according to individual projects, which means that we are not embarrassed by a specific, standard form of balconies, rather we offer the implementation of balconies according to the will of the investor or architect.

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